Public & Employer’s Liability Insurance

Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and if you were on a job and an accident occurs, your business could face a potentially expensive claim. A suitable Public liability insurance policy will protect you against any claims made by a member of the public or customer if they have suffered a loss or injury as a result of your business activity.

Not only will the insurance cover the cost of any compensation awarded to the claimant, but will also cover costs, fees and expenses involved in the claim – taking away the hassle and worry of what ordinarily would be a very stressful time with potentially ruinous consequences.

Employers’ liability insurance is similar to Public Liability Insurance but instead of covering your business against claims from the public, it protects your business from claims made by your employees. There are a number of circumstances where an employee might make a claim:

  • Claims for an injury or illness, for example: If an employee slipped on a wet floor.
  • Claims for permanent illness or disability, for example: If an employee permanently damages their back as a result of frequently lifting heavy loads, at a construction site for instance.
  • Claims for death, for example: If an employee falls from a height in an unsafe working environment, such as a construction site.

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